elenagromova (elenagromova) wrote in ja_za_kaddafi,

С фейсбука

Вот что появилось на Фейсбуке, и, если не фейк, то вот и опровержение:

Genet Tadesse
Breaking News :Attention pls. Presenting Muammar-Resurrected!!
Leader speech !!
I want to Say to the World they are saying this lie in order to attack the city of Sirte rocket that is why they lie & its relationship to.
Do you want to occupy the Oil? And that man look with Clinton corpus to Libya on last visit from any country that this man, O Clinton?
You butted yourself in front of the whole Wide World & lost your Confidence. May God forgive you. You want Clinton to gloat to the world about the death of Muammer Gaddafi. But You, traitors, you said you have the bodies of the rats! WHERE IS IT?
The Libya people Will Rise on Friday with the BRAVE
Authenticating vid of Muammar Gaddafi 's speech..via twitter..a minute ago..see post below..
@michaelisuno1 it was sent to me a few hours ago from Libya & yes its his voice (@YouTube youtu.be/EBzzcAI1v3A?a)...O.k. I asked the poster of the vid and she is authenticating the vid as Muammer on the speech after he was reported
Muammer Qaddafi voice after he is supposed to be dead! He has not said the last Word! - naomimenelik



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