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Эво Моралес - за Ливию и Каддафи!


Bolivian president: " I and Bolivian People are supporting Libyans and their leader against the crusader aggression".

Upon a meeting with the Libyan Ambassador to Bolivia in capital of La Paz on Friday, President Evo Morales of Bolivia Republic delivered his greetings, appreciations and support to the leader of the revolution.

During the meeting, the Bolivian president said this challenge " is historical challenge between evil and right that the leader and Libyans are bravely facing. The world realizes this aggression on Libya is a conspiracy for occupying Libya in order to loot her oil wealth".

" Libyans are certainly victorious sooner or later and what is happening in Libya is an internal affair and the Libyans themselves who should be able to solve it away from any foreign and imperial intervention. I am fully aware of the role of hired media in fabricating the facts on the land", the Bolivian president said.

President Evo went on saying," the UN becomes a tool in the hands of big countries of the world that becomes under the mercy of the law of jungle. The Libyans' challenge becomes an example and the Libyan leader will stay as a symbol for all revolutionists in the world".

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